Spring Walk

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Spring Walk, Saturday 14th March 2015

SA Walk March 2015

Our first Sunday Assembly walk

The walk: An easy introductory 5 mile walk circular walk on the flat, followed by a pub lunch in Jude the Obscure.

Around 16 people joined us for the Sunday Assembly walk, around Port Meadow, Burgess Field Nature Park, and the remains of Godstow Abbey. We ambled casually down to Port Meadow, chatting away, while allowing some later stragglers to catch up. There were some new faces who haven’t yet attended a Sunday Assembly service. At Burgess Field we remembered the advice from the last service to look out for bee-friendly plants … and just at that moment, a bumble bee appeared, showing a clear preference for the snowy Juneberry (Amelanchier) tree.

Walkers around the Juneberry tree

We wandered over to the charming village of Wolvercote, and on to Godstow Abbey. We then decided to split into two groups, so the faster walkers could get to the pub in time for the advertised rendezvous.

All in all, it was a successful venture, and we plan to hold similar events in the future. We may alternate longer, quicker walks with more leisurely strolls for the casual amblers.

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