August 2015 Picnic

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Picnic in the Park

2015-08-09 Picnic title slide

As people wandered over to our picnic area in Bury Knowle Park, we recruited them to help Joe set up the gazebo and lay out a wonderful spread of tasty treats, from pizza to salmon sandwiches. Meanwhile, Sam tuned up his guitar and sang a variety of well-known pop songs and ballads. The weather was dry, warm, and mostly sunny, with occasional patches of hazy cloud.

It was nice to see some new faces. For the first half hour or so we all mingled and got introduced. The conversations flowed and covered a wide range of topics, including the background to the international Sunday Assembly organisation.

Then special guest Jeff Sargeant from Los Angeles spoke to the whole group, testifying that he found the Sunday Assembly so uplifting it inspired him to get a colourful tattoo of the SA triangle logo (see photo). He told us that, as a librarian, he was having fun exploring Oxford – particularly the historic Bodleian Library and the Radcliffe Camera.

Sure beats a TV dinner!

Sure beats a TV dinner!

We then had a group singalong, with Sam on guitar and Jeff flipping the lyric sheets. We started with Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69, followed by Summer Lovin’ from Grease and REM’s Losing My Religion. We finished with the song Chasing Cars by a band that Sam had coached and promoted in their early days: Snow Patrol. Sam announced that he will soon be venturing on to pastures new, emphasising that the Sunday Assembly has been the social highlight of his time in Oxford.

People stayed around to pack up and ensure we left no debris behind. Jeff then set off down the leafy road to the centre of Oxford before travelling to London, where he’ll appear at the Sunday Assembly in Conway Hall next week.

We hope to see the new assemblers in the EOCC next month, when normal service will be resumed.

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