October 2015 assembly

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Sunday Assembly, 11th October 2015 Life/Work Balance All of us face the difficult task of finding a balance between the demands of work and personal life, and some are more successful than others. One of our regular volunteers, Harshad Patel, outlined the different options for achieving an equilibrium, and what we must be prepared to […]

July 2015 Assembly

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Sunday Assembly, 12th July 2015 Voices This month the theme was “Voices”: hearing them, representing them, and using them to sing cheesy pop songs. Teodora took the helm this time, welcoming all the new and returning assemblers with a succinct introduction that managed to incorporate just about every ‘voice’ metaphor you’re ever likely to hear. […]

June 2015 Assembly

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Sunday Assembly, 14th June 2015 Tricks of the Mind Our host Joseph opened by describing his fascination with the biology of brain and behaviour. After a hearty sing-along to Queen’s “A Kind of Magic”, the psychologist and magician Rob Bailey emerged from backstage to play tricks with our assumptions and perceptions. A veteran of the […]

May 2015 Assembly

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Sunday Assembly, 10th May 2015 Friends: Finding them, Keeping them, Celebrating them The beginning of this assembly was beset by technical problems, and we were unable to project the slideshow until 11:15. When we eventually got it up and running, Teodora talked us through a series of photos showing how she had maintained, and benefited […]

April 2015 Assembly

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Experience Fantasy This month we switched to the North Oxford Community Centre in Summertown, with its very modern décor providing a good setting for our technological theme. We gathered to learn how new advances in wearable computing are enabling us to bring fantasy to life. We now have the technology to generate quite convincing illusions […]

Spring Walk

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Spring Walk, Saturday 14th March 2015 Our first Sunday Assembly walk The walk: An easy introductory 5 mile walk circular walk on the flat, followed by a pub lunch in Jude the Obscure. Around 16 people joined us for the Sunday Assembly walk, around Port Meadow, Burgess Field Nature Park, and the remains of Godstow […]

March 2015 Assembly

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The theme this month was “Spring”, with plenty of reminders that a change of weather is upon us, and now is the time to get out and get active. The hall was decorated in silky drapes of varying colours, with vases of flowers and brightness everywhere, enhanced by strong sunshine through the windows. Joe Trakalo […]

February 2015 Assembly

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Around 50 people gathered in the EOCC to explore the theme of Hope. Our host this time was John White, leader of the Oxford Humanists. After a relaxed sing-along to “Walking on Sunshine”, with Oli leading on guitar and vocals, John illustrated the theme by describing one of his own hopes: that the Oxford Sunday […]

December 2014 Assembly

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We really started this service with a BANG! As people arrived, we gave them each a small red balloon and a poster pin. After a couple of tongue-tied try-outs of The Big Bang Theory theme song (a whistle-stop tour of the history of the universe, from the creation of galaxies, to evolution of plant life, […]

November 2014 Assembly

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This November marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, and this historical occasion inspired our theme this month: ‘War, Peace and Reconciliation’. We managed to include some serious thinking as well as some fun. Our host, Sam Brown, turned up in military attire, and promptly called the Sunday Assembly to […]

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